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Planetarium Pricing

The cost of having Skyworks Planetarium visit your school is extremely reasonable. We come to you, so there are no bus fees to worry about. And remember that the GST component is fully refundable to the school, which makes the price even more reasonable.

All Prices Include GST

Sydney Metro
Outside Sydney
Cost per-Student
$8.80 (Over 60 students)
$8.80 (Over 70students)
Minimum Cost per-Visit
$528. (Up to 60 students)
$616. (Up to 70students)


How to make a Booking

Booking Skyworks Planetarium is highly recommended and very easy. Diana or Geoff will be more than happy to help you. To contact us, you can either ring or email.

0419 112 899

  • Check our Availability by viewing our online calendar.

  • If you have a suitable venue, be sure to check its dimensions.

  • Please have your School's Phone and Fax number handy.

  • Give us a ring or email to confirm availability.

  • We'll then fax you 2 forms.

  1. The Confirmation Form. To be signed by the School Principal and faxed back ASAP to confirm your booking.

  2. The Timetable. This can be faxed back later when you've organised your preferred session times.


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